The Commander Class is a brand new unit class released on 27/07/10. They can use their abilities to support their allies and hinder their foes
. They are armed with a FN Minimi light machine gun and a revolver/knife combo with 3 different auras with them, (the knife attacks your opponent when you press F). The commander class is like a supportting but still offensive person, stick him either in front or the behind a guy. This class is the only other class that has Light armour other than the recon.

Template:CharacterInfoboxThe Commander Class has FN Minimi machine gun as its primary weapon, however they are also armed with a revolver and a k-bar knife that fill up hotkeys 2-4. The Commander Class has three different auras, an aura that increases the accuracy of your gun and your teammates's guns, an aura that restores your stamina and teammates's, and a defensive aura that dramatically slows down enemies.