The K-Bar Knife is a close range knife/melee weapon that if used in the right hands can kill a lot of people quickly and quietly. It is carried by Maulers and Recons, though Maulers rarely use this weapon, while it is the weapon of choice for Recons. In a one on one melee battles, the K-Bar Knife is the ideal weapon to kill the opponent.

This weapon was formerly a one-hit kill weapon for all Medium Armor and Light Armor Unit Classes. This caused problems for that players could never stand a chance after a single attack from the knife. So, the knife has lowered its damage, though now it can hit an enemy three times per swing. One hit on a light armor unit can kill him/her, while two hits on a swing can kill a medium armored enemy. This allows medium armored units to have a chance to survive if they moved out of the knife swinging range just after one hit from it.

Stats: Edit

Damage: 100

Shots per discharge: 3

Maximum damage per discharge: 300

Cooldown: 1000 ms

Max ammo: Infinity

Height: 5

Accuracy: 0

Bullet type: Close Range

Bullet speed: 800-800

Bullet duration: 10 ms

Bullet range: 8-8

Special: None


Real K-Bar Knife

Tips: Edit

If you do choose to use this weapon play as a Recon because you will have the advantage of stealth.

In a K-Bar V.S K-Bar fight, the person with the quickest thumb will prevail.

A slow-computer-using-pawn tactics-player's worst enemy is a Recon with a K-Bar. BEWARE OF LAG!