Recon is a mobility class equipped with an MP5, Nighthawk pistol and a K-Bar knife. This class has a special abiltity of cloaking, meaning after a certain period of time, the user turns relatively invisible.

Recon vs Assault: Never charge into an assault without a plan. Practically, recon is invisible and speedy but that does not mean assault can't prepare himself for it. In a spraying contest, of course the recon lose( depends on the health:) But when not spraying, don't pray that you can beat the assault with one knife. If he survives, that gonna be a problem. he'll meelee you to death Recon's motive is attack and survive.

Recon vs Medic: Medic got an anti-rush shotgun that can pulerize anything within its distance. And with its infamous medical skill, she probably (certainly:) protected with its gang. You would have to wait patiently for it to be alone. Keep running. The medic isn't gonna let you take it.

Recon vs Heavy: Just run for it. The Heavy is always looking out to kill you, since you are his prey. When facing a heavy, your chance of winning depends on the area you are in. There Must be place to Hide in and a place to Escape in. If you need to escape, do it quickly. Once the heavy got you in a corner, you already lose.

Recon vs Recon: It is the battle of the century. Depending on your objective...The sharper knife wins!

Recon vs Mauler: IT's punk Against punk. You got speed and invisibility. He only got big launcher and muffed mines and a short knife. Plus hes pretty slow..yeah.. He's just as cunning as you( as well as everyone else:) As long he got those mines, you gotta be smart. Deal with his homemade obstacle. If you want to win, this is it.

Recon vs Guard: He's your cousin. What are you gonna do? Only the shield gets in your way. Then no way out. Make sure to go behind him and gun him with your MP5, or he can easily kill you.

Recon vs Lancer: The recon's main target for kills. Get the lancers to help your heavys.

Recon vs Commander: A scholar who majored his studies and is off to become big in business. He's off to show out. Put him out of your misery with your knife+gun.


UMP 45 (150 HP)

Nighthawk (32 HP)

K-Bar Knife (infinite)