The Specialist was a unit that replaced the Scout, and then replaced by the Mauler Unit Type before version 1.0. The specialist was heavily based on the Scout, for both of them had sniper rifles, but not similar statistically.

In-Game Role Edit

Specialists were also snipers, similar to the scouts. Their Ammunition was not rather normal compared to the rest of the units. Their weapons were a poison rifle, an armor penetration, and the ever famous K-Bar Knife.

The Poison rifle slowly decreased HP and lowered the victim's Stamina to zero. Most of the times it takes more than one Poison dart to take down an enemy, and friends/other teams can steal your kill when the victim's health was decreasing. The armor penetration rifle decreases the person's who got shot armor to zero, allowing very easy kills.

Because of a rather high advantage against almost any other unit, this unit was removed and replaced by the Mauler.


  • .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle with Poison Darts (Unknown Ammunition)
  • .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle with Corosive Acid (Unknown Ammunition)
  • Claymore Mines x2
  • K-Bar Knife