The Support (often dubbed Medics because of their role) is a Unit Class in the game Pawn Tactics. Surviving Open Beta and is still frequently used as of today, this class was made to help out teammates.

In-Game RoleEdit

The Supports have a unique Nano-Pack that allows them to heal friendly units in their proximity. Doing so, a red cross in a white circle will appear next to the player's name, telling them that a Support is automatically restoring lost HP and refilling Ammo. A common tactic, Medic Rushing, which allows rapid healing while going into battle, is often seen.

Supports are equipped with a Shotgun, which inflicts heavy damage at close quarters.

Players with good aim uses the Support during Free For All matches, even though they aren't able to heal anyone. That's because the Shotgun is deadly against the Recon class. If almost all of the "pellets" of a shell hits a Recon/Commander, they will die instantly.

Supports are a fairly well rounded class. They are proficient at mid range and close quarters fighting, but they are weak at long range. Having at least one pellet hit the target at long range, but too few is ineffective. When fighting against another class, it is a good strategy to have medic buddies, to heal each other, assist, and human shield each other.