Team Hill is a more recent Game Mode added into Pawn Tactics. The game modes is a team version of King of the Hill.

Gameplay Edit

Every player is set into two or four teams, and are in their spawn bases. In the game mode, the player's team must cooperate and enter a Zone, similar to the one in Assault (Mode), which is in an elevated part in the middle of the map.

When a person is in the blue zone, a countdown timer appears on the middle of the screen that counts down from five to one. When it ends, the team the player is in gets a Hill Capture point and scores a few points for him/herself. Whoever team gets the most Hill Captures point by getting the limit or having the most after the time limit ends wins.

More than two players and team can be on the hill and score points for themselves, but this usually ends with a ton of fighting.

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