The Chaingun is the infamous Primary Weapon the Heavy Unit Type carries. It is well known for its high amount of ammunition (it has 300) and its high power against lower Armor Types. However, it was slow and rather heavy to carry around.

Because of the annoying Recon close-range advantage, the Chaingun added a Melee System as a Special Ability.

After a few more Updates, the Minigun had 100 more bullets (increased to 300), faster Cooldown rate, and a lower firepower to balance it out.

The minigun fires 8 1/3 bullets a second, 14 damage per shot, and uses incendiary rounds which are strong against light armored units, weak against heavy armored units. It also has a secondary attack; melee, that does 100 damage per hit and currently possesses the most range and area of effect for any melee weapon in the game. The largest drawback to this gun is accuracy since its second to worst, only the Support's shotgun beating it to the punch.